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We are Technology solution providers, which means we source the right technology, to solve challenges in workflow, automation and management of your content.


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We source internationaly recognized, global software solutions that have been tried and tested by some of the world’s largest companies. Our main focus is workflow of content – from database publishing and InDesign plugins, to Digital assets and Content management systems, we automate your content through your workflow. For over 30 years we have been Automating Publishing, with technology Solutions.


Best practices of some of our solutions


Content Management Systems (CMS) = A

Do you publish content for print, web or social media, and require management and control of the contributors and content? Managing the production and workflow is key to successful content distribution. We have the solution. (A)

Use by Media 24, Phumelela racing, Mail & Guardian, Time Inc,  New Era Namibia

Mobile app creations tools = B

Would you like your own company branded App on the App stores? Publish your own magazine, or internal/external content but need an easy ability to produce your own apps, without having to code? We have the solution. (B)

Used by &Beyond, Discovery, Mail & Guardian, Nedbank, Old Mutual

MSWord workflow solutions = D

Do you product training manuals, books, journals etc using MSWord? Do you struggle with managing the workflow of these MSWord documents? Need to produce press quality output but struggle with MSWord’s limitations? We have the solution. (D)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) = E

Need to manage your Brand’s material? Want to make sure that your staff or customers always have access to the correct brand material such as forms, brochures, pack shots, images and much more? Need to share content with users and external collaborators?  We have the solution. (E)

Used by Cipla Pharmaceuticals, Yamaha motors, KSM Communications, Yaffa Media, Sky network

Structured database pagination = F

Ever wanted to publish content to print or digital that is contained in a database, but want maintain the link to the same database so that any changes can be automatically updated in say a printed catalog? Looking for a smart InDesign plugin tools? Ever tried to produce a catalog of thousands of products with images in an automated fashion? We have the solution. (F)

Used by Pam Golding Properties, Builders Warehouse, Chaimberlains, Rawson Properties,

BrandManagement = G

Making sure that your Brand identity is the same across all published material is a challenge to most companies. From business cards to brochures to forms and more, your brand identity needs to be the same. But the creation of Brand material is often not easy to control because of the nature of the design tools. We have the solution. (G)

Use by Yamaha motors, Nivia, ATKV

Design and digital creation tools

You need to have the best tool to create stunning design, and Adobe offers all these tools to you through Creative Cloud. As Silver Technology partners of Adobe, we can supply all the Creative Cloud tools for business, as well as special Plugins for Adobe InDesign, giving you the edge in your industry.
Used by Boogertman + Partners, DSGN Design, HKLM group, Master Math’s, Roering Creative Kin

Used by Boogertman + Partners, DSGN Design, HKLM group, Master Math’s, Roering Creative Kin

Content Management combined with Digital Asset Management

Our solutions can be used independently, or they can easily plug into each other to create an even more powerful solution.

For example, you can have a simple CMS system, but when you plug a DAM system into the CMS, it offers a powerful integration with all your content instantly available across all the channels.

Our Team

Our History: formally Electronic Printing Systems, has been present in the publishing arena for over 25 years. We witnessed the last lead presses being laid to rest and the launch of the first Macintosh with Aldus Pagemaker, which forever changed the typesetting industry. We recall the days when Rubylith was the only way to retouch photographs; when an incredible new technology, called the laser printer, was launched; and when postscript and film recorders swept through the publishing industry. Yes, the publishing landscape has certainly changed over the past 25 years – so much so that many of the once mighty newspaper empires are now battling to survive, thanks to the new era of digital content delivery. In spite of all these changes, APS has remained a forerunner in assisting the publishing industry to adjust to innovations through their superior industry-leading brands, knowledge and service. APS continues as a market leader by supplying the best and latest technology solutions to the publishing industry.

Riaan Jordaan    riaan@aps.za.com  Director

Riaan Jordaan


Charles Parrington    charles@aps.za.com  Founder / CEO

Charles Parrington

Founder / CEO

Andrew Parrington    andrew@aps.za.com  Director

Andrew Parrington